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Posted by Benedetta - benedetta@luccaorganizza.com on 07/12/2022
Our Christmas gift for you: 10 Pro Tips for your wedding
Christmas is coming and here is a gift for you from Benedetta and Simona of Wedding Planners in Tuscany by Luccaorganizza, the event agency that for over 25 years has been organizing unique and refined weddings in some of the most beautiful venues in Tuscany: 10 professional tips for your wedding.
1 - Start planning your wedding by fixing your budget and leave some room for any extras. Once you've defined your overall budget, try to determine how much to allocate for each item. You can consider 30% for the rental of the venue, 25% for catering and drinks, 7% for flower design, 15% for photos and videos, 7% for music and entertainment, 3% for the stationery, 3% for the wedding cake, 5% for lighting and decoration and 6% for extras. Of course, everything must adapt to your priorities.
2- Do not be slaves of trends, they come and go, the memory of your day instead will be indelible.  Let yourself be inspired by the latest fashions and trends, but try to decline every aspect to reflect your personalities. Keep in mind that it is a day that must be built around you and not simply designed to amaze your guests.
3 - As soon as possible, write the list of your "must haves" together and everything you absolutely do not want: these will be your hinges, all other elements must come accordingly. This is the easiest way not to lose your identity and to avoid couple discussions during wedding planning.
4 – Independently from your budget, you will not be able to have everything, there will always be a limit; therefore, decide what your priorities are and the key elements you want to focus on, then relax. Keep in mind that what you will remember in the future will be how you felt on your wedding day and it will be the same for your guests, so focus on the "experience" itself.
5 – Also, remember the bureaucratic aspects such as documents and licenses to be requested well in advance.
6 - Let yourself be guided by your instincts, listen politely the unsolicited advice and opinions of friends and relatives but ignore them.
7 - Customize every possible detail and ignore all the "rules" and traditions that do not belong to you. Try to make your wedding authentic; even if it will become less conventional you will be happier and more satisfied.
8 - Trust your suppliers and you will save time, stress and a lot of effort. Our long experience in the field allows us to offer you the "dream team" for your wedding so that everything is perfect and your day runs smoothly. Communicate your vision and let them do their best!
9 - It may sound rude, but it might be useful to divide your guests into lists by establishing priority levels. For example, group A for your close family and best friends, group B for extended family and other friends, group C for work colleagues, group D for your parents' friends. This will make it easier to decide for any cuts in the guest list. It will also be helpful to establish a clear policy for the "+1" right away; you can, for example, grant a "+1" to a very dear person who does not know anyone and you can avoid it for a new guy / girl whom your friend has just started dating with.
10 - Consider the possibility of having a wedding website, especially if you have chosen a “Destination Wedding”. A website where you can collect all the useful informations for your guests such as side events, maps, parking, accommodation, wedding list and the digital version of the RSVP. If you have time and familiarity with the digital world, there are several free platforms where you can build your site yourself, otherwise, ask for help from a professional.

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