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Posted by Benedetta - on 14/11/2022
Pro Tips to be the perfect host of your Destination Wedding in Tuscany
A Destination Wedding is undoubtedly the most exciting and funny way to get married, the two of you, your closest friends and relatives in a special place. Think about all the wonders that Tuscany offers: from the magnificent cities of art to the breathtaking countryside, from genuine cuisine to prestigious wines, from postcard landscapes to luxurious resorts and  put all the people you love into this magical reality to share experiences and joyful days.
Of course, having your guests move to another place, or often to another country, also involves the responsibility of ensuring their comfort and therefore greater logistical support; we assure you that with the necessary precautions, it is not that difficult!

Here are our tips:
1 - Relying on a local wedding planner will guarantee you to have the best and most reliable suppliers who will know how to move perfectly in the area, avoiding unpleasant problems and knowing how to circumvent any kind of unexpected problem, as well as advising you on every issue.
2 - Start planning the wedding in advance to allow your guests to organize themselves too. The ideal is to start moving at least 12 or 18 months in advance.
3 - If you decide to get married in the high season, that is, between May and September, consider whether to book a Villa or block the rooms in the hotel for your guests or tell them to do so as soon as possible.
4 - Plan other events besides the wedding, such as a Welcome Party, the Rehearsal Dinner or a Brunch where you can greet everyone the next day. Also include some local activities such as vintage car trips through the countryside or wine tasting in the cellar, which will surely make your guests happy.
5 - Provide your guests with all the useful information for their trip and their stay. An excellent idea is to concentrate everything on a wedding website where you can suggest hotels, places to see and where to eat, the nearest airports, the calendar of all the events you have planned, etc. It is important to always provide a wide range of options, especially with regard to accommodation, which covers different budget possibilities.
6 - Having your guests find welcome bags with local products and perhaps a map of the place and a handwritten welcome card is a kind way to let them know how much you appreciate their participation.

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